Keen Brows

With a .KEEN. eye, we specialize in creating cosmetically tattooed eyebrows in their most natural form for men and women. From unkempt to structured, thin to thick, bald to restored, we work with our clients through a fully collaborative process to design a customized set of brows as unique as the individual wearing them.


We pride ourselves in our ability to generate some of the most realistic and natural outcomes by creating customized hair patterns to ensure it blends seamlessly with the natural brow hairs, an advanced technique that requires a high level of artistic ability.


Eyebrows have a unique ability to change the overall structure of the face. For those looking to increase the masculinity or femininity of their face, Microblading can aid in adding structure and shape to compliment your preferred outcome, and it is the most natural enhancement for your brows.


When trusting someone with your face, it is paramount to find an artist whose aesthetic speaks to you, fall in love with the work they produce, and who ensures the expectations of yours are met.


.KEEN. is the key!