Light Dreams

Hologram Poi: Extraordinary Live Logo Performance Art presented by Light Dreams!  Groundbreaking state of the art technology. Fully customizable to fit your event’s needs. Bring brand awareness to the next level and see the excitement on your client’s faces as they see their logo magically appear in the air! We offer LED costumes for a memorable LED experience or all-black costumes for clients that want a more logo-focused presentation.
Hula Hoop:  State of the Art LED Hoops to mesmerize your audiences in a never before seen Hula Hoop Experience.
See Video Examples
Fire: Amora is considered one of the elite fire performers in the industry.  When Amora performs, it’s hard to take your eyes off her.  Her grace, beauty, playfulness and her ability to engage the audience is what has made her so sought after. See Video Examples
Acro Bubble: This whimsical apparatus can be displayed on land or in water. It can be performed as staged choreography, or as atmospheric sets. Sure to add an innovative and exciting touch to any circus variety show or event.